Curiosity Cabinets
December 16-30, 2017
Dehab Jewellery Gallery

curator statement

The work of Sibylle Tarazi exhibits a splendid blend of artistry and craftsmanship that substantiates a childhood rooted in creativity and fantasy owing to an inspiring familial setting involved in perpetuating the traditional arts of the region.

These features undoubtedly left an indelible mark on Sibylle and drove her to absorb the arts, explore them and push boundaries in a manner resembling that of artists from days gone by.

Her understanding of art and of the crafts enabled her to revive a dying tradition by collaborating with masterful craftsmen and thereby obtaining superb results.

Sibylle’s approach to design, the means by which she transforms geometric patterns, fashions jewellery and the superb quality of craftsmanship that went into manufacturing the objects she produces all contribute to sustaining traditional art forms in a superlative way.

It’s heartening to come across artists whose research and creativity contribute to the preservation of the region’s great artistic traditions!

Salam Kaoukji
Chief Curator

The Al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait