Inspired by antique sundials, Shifting Times represents a poetic interpretation of the passing of time, what dies and what remains. Sibylle’s work is sculptural and based on story telling through collecting memories and objects, that become whimsical through their transformation.

Side table in solid travertine with a matte antiquated finish, an inlaid circle in black tala noir, a molded brass branch with grass hoppers in 21 Carats gilded brass. 

shifting times
In collaboration with House of Today

Sibylle Tarazi x House of Today

Limited edition of 12 pieces
Numbered and signed

Unfilled hand sculpted white travertine with a tala noir inlay and a branch with two Criquet Egyptien from our Vivarium Collection in guilt brass

Table Height: 35.7 cm - Length: 40 cm - Depth: 40 cm

Branch Height: 40 cm above - 20 cm below - Diameter: 20 cm above - 3 cm below


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